Why train with us at TSG Academy?

Our coaching staff has combined experience of over 40 years in teaching.

A singular teaching philosophy guides our coaches – each one of them speak the same language and are trained to see, diagnose and plan in a way that is best suited to the physicality and existing game status of the aspiring golfer.

Every aspiring golfer benefits from a system of training proven to improve performance whether you want to play on the senior tour or improve your game as a recreational golfer and lover of the sport.

About the Adult Training Program

This program is for the recreational golfer who wants to get better at his game. He benefits from the TSG academy system of training that also teaches him to be better in practice.

We have deliberately moved beyond the traditional assembly line way of coaching where lessons are a half hour/hour long. The advantage here is that we supervise your practice too to ensure what you have learnt is being done right.

The coaching takes place on all days of the week alongside the students of the academy. The coaches are on the driving range to teach and watch as they move between players.

Contact us to know more about our daily, 3 month, 6 month and annual packages.

A few of our students under training


Anita Srisrimal

Madhu Gupta