We are the best

Over years of coaching school going students in city clubs as well as at Zion Hills Golf County in Kolar, Tarun realized that our education system was making it very diffcult for aspiring sports persons to give the game their best. They were losing time travelling to and fro and the pressures of school were unrelenting. Parents and children alike found it taxing to balance school and sport and it was taking a toll on every member of the family.

Given this, Tarun had always envisioned a school on campus. This dream fructifed in April 2017 with the opening of the Learning Center. The students from class 9-12 follow the NIOS system of learning, doing 5 subjects in all and attend classes for 3 hours a day. The entire system is designed around the students’ practice, sports science and tournament travel, allowing them to do academics at a pace and intensity that does not detract from their goals of being a sports person. In 2018 we decided to start offering academics from class 5-8.

It is our constant endeavor to fine-tune our delivery model because we are of the strong belief that you cannot perform on the golf course if you do not perform in the classroom – it is education that builds powers of critical thinking and analytical reasoning essential to the building of any elite sports person.

In essence, the students who live on campus and study here have a full day of work laid out for them, which is fun, balanced, and ‘traffic-free’. They spend quality time on each activity because there are suffcient breaks for rest, practice, play and study. Without the hustle of city life we have seen them grow into self-thinking and self-doing individuals with a purpose. Their golf improves at a faster pace as their bodies become stronger with sports science, and their minds learn to process information better.

What is the programme

Full-Time Students

This program is for those who have completely committed their time and resources to building a career in the sport.

The students live on campus full time either at the academy residences or with their parents.

They are either pursuing academics at the Learning Center on campus or are following another online system on their own.

They are playing competition regularly and performance in competition becomes a critical evaluation parameter in the practice protocols.

What you can expect

Intensive Coaching & Practice

More than coaching, they learn the criticality of ‘effective’ practice.

The coaching team along with the player set many more short-termgoals keeping the roadmap in mind and there is faster turn-around and improvement because of the singular track that they are following.

Immediate checks and balances take place because the staff and student are both on ground – whether on the driving range or on the course.

Repeated high intensity practice and testing of certain skills are possible because of full-time access to the golf course and practice facility.

Easier for students to practice staying in the zone for 4-5 days at a time to help simulate tournament pressure.

Player expectations

From this Program

Thorough technical analysis of all aspects of the game.

Understand the difference between regular practice and effective practice.

Gain an understanding of the geometry of the golf swing and his/her own tendencies that may cause problems in his game currently or in the future.

Understand what the life of an elite player is and how to structure their day for maximum effciency.

A player should be aware of

Negative Expectations

TSG Academy works on a long term vision for the players’ game therefore -No quick fixes.

The player will not leave the academy with all the changes in place.

The player will not have access to the TSG Academy systems of player management and tracking.

Who is this

Program for?

The aspiring elite golfer.

Someone who needs access to high quality information.

Someone who cannot base themselves full-time at the academy for the moment.

Expectations from

The Student

An effort to visit the academy 6-8 times a year.

Stay disciplined and follow all the practice protocols given.

Stay in touch through the communication channels that TSG Academy will set-up.