TSG Academy periodically conducts camps for school going children who are keen to try their hand out at golf. We introduce them to the right training methods and systems so they learn their basics right from the very First time they hold a golf club.

The programme combines golf and Fitness, and introduces the player to the ideal lifestyle of an successful athlete, that combines the advices of a healthy, nutritional diet, creating uniform sleeping and waking up habits, whilst balancing the distractions of social media and entertainment with their study and life priorities.

This program is conducted regularly during school vacation periods and dates are noticed in advance so students and parents can plan for their time at the camp. Parents may also join with their kids as we have camps for Adult training as well!

TSG Vacation Camp Programme

  Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
08:00 Player Registration & Formalities. Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
09:00 Long game: Low point Drill. Restric ted Environment. Bunker play: Basic action. Learning to set up the ball correctly. Putting: Distance control. Learning to use the length of the backswing to control the distance. Long game: Low point and restric ted environment drill. Incorporate woods / hybrids in the last 15 minutes. Review of the long game. A look at the objectives and learning how to make practice more effective in the long game.
10:30 Hinge and Hold basics. Hoops for landing zones Long Game: Low Point Drill. Learning to Aim to a target Long Game: Low point drill. Tr ying to increase speed. Bunker play: Consistency of the correct action. Learning to set up the ball correctly. Short Game: Review of the technique and learing how to make practice more effective.
12:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
13:00 Putting: Basic setup and posture. Putting: Using the setup and the posture and putting to targets. 0 - 10 feet Short game area: One ball and shot selection. Putting: Reading the green. Focus on the setup and posture and distance control to the hole. Putting: Review & learning how to practice effectively.
14:30         COMPETITION!
16:00 Mobility drills and athletic warm-up. Body weight exercises and introduction to resistance training. Recovery strategies. Stability and control training with a physiotherapist.  

Note: Program may be subject change according to coach assesment of group progress and other factors as deemed fit by TSG coaches.