What is the programme

Visiting Students

This program was designed to help young golfers experience intensive coaching and practice in a short period.

The minimum recommended duration is 1 week.

The player will need to base himself at the academy during his training.

What you can expect

Intensive Coaching & Practice

Working on the game 5-7 hours per day.
Making changes and have the coach help you transition through those technical changes which is not possible in a half-hour lesson.
The player gets a comprehensive understanding of the required changes and has already gained experience of the practice protocols that will be required to make these changes in the coming weeks/months.
Player expectations

From this Program

Thorough technical analysis of all aspects of the game.

Understand the difference between regular practice and effective practice.

Gain an understanding of the geometry of the golf swing and his/her own tendencies that may cause problems in his game currently or in the future.

Understand what the life of an elite player is and how to structure their day for maximum efficiency.

A player should be aware of

Negative Expectations

TSG Academy works on a long term vision for the players’ game therefore – No quick fixes.

The player will not leave the academy with all the changes in place.

The player will not have access to the TSG Academy systems of player management and tracking.

Who is this

Program for?

The aspiring elite golfer.

Someone who needs access to high quality information.

Someone who cannot base themselves full-time at the academy for the moment.

Expectations from

The Student

An effort to visit the academy 6-8 times a year.

Stay disciplined and follow all the practice protocols given.

Stay in touch through the communication channels that TSG Academy will set-up.