What kind of residential facilities are there?
Who will coach the player?
What is the food like?
Will my child be allowed to use the Sports Science center?
What other facilities on campus will my child be allowed access to?
Do I have to pay separately for use of the practice facility and golf course?
Do all part-time students stay off-campus?
Are there any discounts for villa owners?
Who are the other experts at the academy? What kind of access does a player have to them?
Is there a doctor or nurse at hand in case of an emergency?
How often do the students get to meet the experts?
Are the students allowed to leave campus?
What are the security measures to ensure safety of the students on campus?
How do the students get around campus?
Where does the staff stay?
Does the academy take the students for local and South zone tournaments?
Do all students have technology interventions?
Why do students need a Dropbox account?
Can students use cellphones and laptops?
What is the TSG stationery that students get?
How does functional fitness differ from training for a single activity?
What are the different fitness components?
Why do children need to develop fundamental and locomotive skills?
Should I exercise when I have aches and pains?
What are the signs that muscle soreness should not be ignored?
How is TSG Academy’s fitness program/process different?
Should I be evaluated by a physician before starting an exercise program?
Why physical fitness is required? How does it help me?
What all fitness equipment will be needed for working out/performing prehabilitaion on my own?
How does the fitness program work for part time students?
Will the gym be open on Sunday?
What causes the post exercise muscular pain/soreness?
Do I have to wear different attire for the training sessions?
If a player is already suffering from an injury, what will be the training and management aspects for the same?
How does the training, golf practice and academics schedule work?
What can I expect from the fitness program?
Any specific things that I should carry during training sessions?
What can I expect from the fitness training sessions at TSG Academy?