Annual Golf and Fitness Program

Part Time Students
What is the programme

Part Time Students

This is a residential program for students who train for a minimum 3-4 days every week or 15-20 days a month.

They miss school/college and base themselves at the facility for the duration of their training and follow the timetable provided.

They have personalized practice protocols and continuous reviews of the same.

Their progress is monitored closely and technical work on their game is tied to their sports science training (on speed, balance, mobility, agility, power etc. based on their developmental age).

Students on this program have suffcient downtime to catch-up on missed school work.

What you can expect

Intensive Coaching & Practice

Practice golf for 5 hours a day across 2 sessions

1-2 hours a day doing pre-habilitation/conditioning or sports science in the functional training center as per the schedule

When on the driving range the player already knows what he/she has to work on as practice protocols are already in place through interactions with Tarun

Going on the golf-course to test themselves either with other players or with a coach if required

Data entry is a must in the computer lab at the stipulated times for coaching and sports science

Monthly short and long game testing to see how much the players are improving their skill sets

Intensive Coaching & Practice
From this  Golf Program
Player expectations

From this Program

A well organized, closely monitored, personalized training plan.

The student feels in control because he knows what he is working on and his path has been clearly laid out for him.

A team of coaches to supervise the practice and clarify doubts in real time.

A peer set to interact with that is at the same wavelength in terms of wanting to be elite sports persons.

An eco-system of excellence that thrives on discipline and routine – giving them a favor of what it really takes be elite.

A player should be aware of

Negative Expectations

The player should not expect to improve as fast as he possibly could if he were based full-time on campus because the pressures of managing life inside and outside the academy can be physically and mentally exhausting.

Player Negative Expectations awareness
Aspiring Golfer Program for
Who is this

Program for?

Any student above the age of 10 years who can devote 3-4 days per week at the academy or 15 days a month.

Any student who is passionate enough about the sport to commit to the above.

He/she has the complete support of the family to manage the rigors required.

He/she aspires to be a professional golfer.

He/she has been competing in local and zonal tournaments and enjoys it.

Any student who has not yet been able to work-out a way to transition to the full-time program to accelerate their training and performance necessary to wanting to build a career in the sport.

Expectations from

The Student

To be able to balance their schedules outside of their training at the academy.

To commit to scheduled visits at the academy – either weekly or monthly. Minimum breaks from the academy.

When on campus, follow the routine and practice protocols, use the downtime and self-study hours (to input data required for golf and sports science and do any homework).

Participate in all player meetings and recreational activities when on campus.

Stay on track with the fitness protocols when not at the academy too.

Take the initiative to clarify and ask questions; we strongly believe improvement only happens through a two-way process.

Student Expectations