Integrated Residential Program

We are the best

We do have students who are pursuing other systems of learning on their own and their schedules at the academy incorporate study hours and access to the computer lab and library if needed.

There are still others who could be taking a break from academics altogether or have finished their studies, to whom this program is suited.

Full Time Students Golf Course
What is the programme

Full-Time Students

This program is for those who have completely committed their time and resources to building a career in the sport.

The students live on campus full time either at the academy residences or with their parents.

They are either pursuing academics at the Learning Center on campus or are following another online system on their own.

They are playing competition regularly and performance in competition becomes a critical evaluation parameter in the practice protocols.

What you can expect

Intensive Coaching & Practice

More than coaching, they learn the criticality of ‘effective’ practice.

Together with the team many more short-term goals are set keeping the roadmap in mind. As a result there is faster turn-around and improvement.

Immediate checks and balances take place because the staff and student are both on ground – whether on the driving range or on the course.

Repeated high intensity practice and testing of certain skills are possible because of full-time access to the golf course and practice facility.

Easier for students to practice staying in the zone for 4-5 days at a time to help simulate tournament pressure.

Intensive Coaching & Practice
Player expectations Golf program
Player expectations

From this Program

Learning how to practice.

Learning how to live the life of an elite sports person both on and off the golf course.

Criticality of routine and discipline to achieve one’s goals – what they need to do from the time they wake-up to the time they sleep at night is worked out for them.

Never losing sight of the big picture, i.e. making a career playing the sport internationally.

Learning to be coach independent.

Learning to process the information better; having committed their time to one mission and being in an atmosphere that pushes them to think hard and think for themselves.

A player should be aware of

Negative Expectations

Hand-holding by the coaches.

That practicing 8 hours is more effective than practicing 5 hours.

Short term gains.

Player Negative Expectations awareness
Aspiring Golfer Program for
Who is this

Program for?

Any student from the 5th grade upwards who has an ambition with the sport.

Any player who is passionate enough about golf to commit wholly.

He/she aspires to be a professional golfer.

He/she has been competing in local and zonal/national tournaments and enjoys it.

He/she has the complete support of the family to manage the rigors required.

Players who want to experience a disciplined environment with all the facilities required to become an elite player under the same roof.

Expectations from

The Student

Hard work, dedication and an understanding that coach-dependency can lead to them not achieving their goals.

Following all the protocols laid down by the coaches across all areas of development – academics, fitness, nutrition, mindfulness training, golf, downtime/rest and other miscellaneous activities at the academy.

Student Expectations