Total Athletic Development

Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) as opposed to working out in a gym is rooted in the developmental science of the body and mind.

For sports persons the program is designed for high performance while for non sports persons it is designed for everyday endurance.


Every student at the academy follows a rigorous schedule of which fitness training requires 2 hours per day when on campus.



We also work with students who play other sport competitively and adults who want to build endurance the right way.



HOUR 1 is dedicated to Prehabilitation which includes flexibility, mobility and activation exercises that help prevent injuries in the long run. The golfer is assessed and the program is written and monitored by our full-time in-house Physiotherapists.

HOUR 2 is dedicated to Strength and Conditioning. The goal here is high performance through improved physical capabilities of strength, power, speed and endurance. The golfer is assessed and the program is written and monitored by our full-time in-house Strength and Conditioning experts.

A DAILY TRAINING DIARY, maintained by every student gives an indication of the body’s recovery from the previous day’s workload and basis that the next session load is modified.

Our team also monitors the student’s PERSONALISED NUTRITION PLAN that includes the right kind of eating along with relevant supplements that are prescribed by the academy’s nutrition partner Qua.

What sets this team apart is how they ALIGN WITH OUR GOLF COACHES regarding every student’s physical abilities and limitations that could affect their golf technique and vice versa.

We firmly believe that a golfer’s fitness levels have a direct correlation to the quality of his game.


For athletes who play other sports

We have professionals from cricket, tennis, and other sports who stay in the academy residences and work on their fitness either during their recovery stage or during the off-season period.

The program is custom designed by our in-house sports science team based on the screening and assessments done. This includes a prehabilitation schedule for injury prevention and a strength and conditioning routine. This keeps the athlete busy for two to three hours a day. The rest time is used for recovery or learning to play golf.

The athletes do not have to compromise on their food when at the academy. Our nutritionist who designs the everyday menu for sports persons specifically ensures that every meal is balanced.

For Adults

This program is for you whether or not you’ve ever played a sport.

You get a customized training program with the support of a highly qualified team to help reduce the risk of injury allowing you to commit to making fitness a lifestyle choice.

Every custom designed plan is based on:

  1. The physical demands of one’s profession
  2. The competency of the individual (training age vs. chronological age), and
  3. Personal goals

You can choose to do this program either entirely on campus at our fitness center or split your training between the campus facility and any off-campus facility of your choice.

To access the brochure which gives you complete details of the program Contact Us.


There are 3 stages of learning that every student of the TAD Programme goes through.

1. Athleticism

The student/athlete has to think about how to perform the skill - this stage can last a few sets (which is rare) up to a few number of weeks.

2. Control

The student/ athlete has some control over the skill, but is not reflex based yet. This stage may last a number of weeks too.

3. Reflexive

The skill is now reflex based and embedded within the student/ athlete’s neural circuitery.It may be weeks or even months before this stage is reached by a novice.


We provide you with the complete package!

Injury Prevention
Injury Management
Performance Enhancement
Workload Management
Recovery Strategies
Optimum Potential
Nutrition Eating Practices
Trainer Independence


Progress guided through data.

The TSG Sports Science program for Total Athletic Development is data intensive. That’s the only way we know to measure progress.

We expect anyone who is on the program to take responsibility for the metrics they need to input in the software.

The team extrapolates and analyses the data along with other assessment based parameters to monitor, design and map progress.


All custom designed programmes go through 5 stages of monitoring.


Medical Screening

To identify any health issues which may be detrimental to training or competition.

Musculo-skeletal Screening

To identify the muscular imbalances and structural integrity issues.

Anthropometric Testing

To identify morphological changes to athletes.

Movement Screening

To identify movement competency.

Performance Testing

To identify the baseline performance of the athlete and to evaluate the success of the training intervention.


Our highly trained and experienced team are amongst the best in the industry.

SUMIT BHANDARI - Head of Physiotherapy

Sumit Bhandari

Head of Physiotherapy
POOJA MISHRA - Physiotherapist

Pooja Mishra

NELSON MATHEW - Head of Strength & Conditioning

Nelson Mathew

Head of Strength & Conditioning
NICKEL THOMAS - Strength & Conditioning Expert

Nickel Thomas

Strength & Conditioning Expert