Training for Professional Golfers

Pro Golf Training
Pro Training Programme

The Program

This program is for full time professional golfers playing in India or on multiple tours. The focus is on the technical, mental and physical maintenance of the player and year-round strategies to enhance performance.

What you can expect

Intensive Coaching & Practice

Tarun Sardesai and his team will personally oversee and work with the players whenever they are on campus. The players will be assessed using all the available technology to create a road map for the year in terms of their long game, short game and putting techniques.

With putting the players will learn advanced green reading techniques and will also be assessed on their putting skills to pinpoint the areas that need maximum work. Tarun will also travel with the players from time to time if necessary to understand the players in competition.

Intensive Coaching & Practice
Player expectations Golf program
Player expectations

From this Program

Strategy plan for each year based on the Physical, Mental and Technical goals.

Supervised practice to ensure that practice habits are good, and lead to lower scores.

Adequate use of technology for the long and short games to aid in the diagnostics.

Special attention to the short game under 100 yards.

Who is this

Program For

This program is for the professional golfer who wants to take his / her game to the next level and bring down their scoring average consistently through the year.

For the professional golfer who wants to transition to playing on a larger stage.

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Student Expectations
Expectations from

The Student

An effort to spend as much time in the year at the academy as possible.

Understand that this is a long-term process and not look for quick fixes.

The understanding that they will have to sacrifice tournament play for training if the situation demands it.