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"As the old adage alludes that it takes a village to nurture and groom an athlete and TSG is that village and an ecosystem that builds tough characters who also happen to be athletes and golfers. The integrated approach with the right balance between soft and hard skills is one of TSG’s usp. Our ward Shamit since joining TSG has learnt the virtues of being disciplined, process oriented, hard work, being accountable and responsible for one’s action has helped him in the becoming an improved golfer too. Wishing team TSG loads of luck and wishes as they continue to build tough characters and the next golf champions."

Amit Dakhane

"Shaurya Joined TSG about more than two years ago and since then we have seen him grow and evolve into a seasoned golf player. TSG not only teaches golf but more importantly the academy instills a sense of confidence and an attitude to work hard with discipline to achieve your goals. The students can bank on Tarun and his staff for both technical and mental support 24/7. We feel the training ground of TSG is unmatched in India as far training and grooming players for golf is concerned."

Binu and Bharti

Almighty gave me a lead to put my Son Sumit Kotwal in TSG Academy, which has turned into one of the biggest blessing to me & my son. I would say TSG is not only full-fledge Golf academy rather it makes excellent, responsible and disciplined human being too. I am thankful to TSG to make Sumit and excellent athlete and he is doing exceedingly well in studies too.

I am Obliged to TSG in taking care of Sumit (Residential Student) in all aspects weather it is basic requirement or any medical emergency TSG is always there to assist. I salute the efforts put in by “The team TSG” to arrange structure training facilities under one roof to produce world level athletes viz renowned golf coaches, experienced physical trainers, well known psychologist, world class nutritionist professionally competent Yoga teacher etc.

God Bless TSG in their mission.

Major Sanjay Kotwal

Our journey started with an idea of sending kids for a month or two intense golf coaching. First journey to TSG turned this into a full-time enrollment. Both my wife and I liked the concept and Tarun’s passion for the sport.

Our experience with TSG has been positive and fulfilling. We appreciate their holistic approach to coaching i.e., not only technical skills but also fitness, nutrition, and psychology. TSG allowed our children to learn and embrace the game at their own pace, while gently guiding them in the right direction. This is the testament to the effectiveness of the coaching program.

It is wonderful to see our children developing important life skills, values. TSG is helping our children become well rounded individual.

Thank You TSG.

Ramakrishna Nandigam

"We moved to Bangalore in April 22 and Sushir had just got into the IGU main tour. Joining TSG was a big decision as he was always under our supervision.

But it was just like home for Sushir right from day one. Rokshar, Tarun and the TSG staff ensured that Sushir is taken care of in all aspects be it studies, health or fitness. Now, he has become an independent young adult.

When we asked him if he wants to come back home or shift his academy, he straightway refused saying this is the best professional coaching he has ever received.

Unfortunately he injured himself at the academy and had to get 8 stitches around his knee. The Rehab was the longest period ever, it has taken 9 months to recover and TSG has helped him come back stronger physically, mentally and emotionally. They were with us on all the doctor visits kept on communicating and ensuring his physiotherapy was done the right way while collaborating with the doctors. Today he is back playing and raring to get back to playing tournaments."

Sai Kumar

"We took a very bold step to move into TSG leaving behind other priorities to chase the dream of our son Shayaan. ‘Extraordinary golf academy’ may be the biggest understatement of all time! Thank you for an extraordinary experience, we can hardly believe the amount we are constantly learning. The transition is truly exciting as TSG has changed the outlook of players and parents alike! TSG Academy is one of the finest quality educational experiences we have ever had in India and we are proud to be a part of the journey."

Saniya Khadri

"Tanishka’s journey with Tarun and team TSG began in 2013. For her as a 6 year old then, trying to figure out what golf was all about, and for me to see how TSG as a team has shaped, helped and tuned her in every aspect to enter the competitive zone of golfing is commendable. Today, it is a delight to see how confident, humble, headstrong and professional Tanishka is as a golfer, and more so how she stands out in a crowd. I am thankful to team TSG."

Deepika Prithvi

"In an individualistic sport like golf being in an environment surrounded by like minded people helps push athletes to their limits, physically and mentally. TSG academy is one such place where I have been able to draw inspiration from fellow players and coaches. Tarun sir’s methodology has helped me practice more efficiently and reap greater benefits from my work. Moreover, having a place like Zion Hills to hone my skills and have top professionals help me with my physical training is something which is hard to find anywhere in the country."

Viraj Madappa

"The TSG training academy is a top notch training ground for junior golfers. Tarun and his team have taken a holistic approach to golf coaching. In addition to improving the golfing skill set of the young golfers, a lot of importance is given to sports science so that these youngsters are fully prepared for the tough life they will have to lead as competitive players. Our daughter Snigdha joined the academy last year, in 2018, and she has been doing extremely well. Really happy we took the right decision."

Rajnish Goswami

"Outstanding Academy! One of its kind in India and at par with Facilities in US! It covers all aspects from golf – fitness – diet – mind coaching all under one roof. Tarun sir is the most passionate and committed coaches to have. Krishiv is lucky to have him!"

Kajol Tekchandani

"A big boon for the players who want to pursue Golf professionally. TSG emphasizes on overall development and this is overseen by the best of professionals. I genuinely feel enrolling Aryan to TSG has been the best decision we have taken. Thanks TSG, Aryan is slowly but surely getting to achieve his dreams. Best wishes."

Anand Kumar

"TSG is not another golf academy that teaches the golf swing alone. Mr. Tarun and Dr. Rokhsar are passionate about nurturing young talent into well disciplined leaders and golf professionals. Apart from a world class putting green, they have ‘open schooling’, nutritionists, physical therapists, sports psychologists and fitness instructors in-house"