The thought process of TSG Academy: Part 1

The thought process of TSG Academy: Part 1
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In this multi-part series we will share with you how we at TSG Academy look at various aspects of the game – from parenting a young golfer, to building the right technical foundation, to the importance of working on the mind and body if you want to play competitive golf. 

TSG Academy is the first academy in India to combine professional golf training, sports science and academics, with a holistic approach to student development. 

The TSG environment of excellence is about helping youngsters achieve their potential in the sport. It comes with great responsibility and we are proud to say that all our teams work with passion as a singular focus. We strongly believe that the key to success for any academy is its teaching staff. Every member needs to align with the academy’s philosophy and keep themselves updated with what’s new in their respective fields. On the other side, the key to being a good player is handling the game when the stakes are high. Students at TSG Academy have regular competitive rounds within the academy to help them figure out how good they are at what they’re working on, and lets them learn by allowing them to self-evaluate after each round. 

3 Tips from us:

Expose your child to multiple sports

As difficult as it may be, exposing your child to multiple sports is important for them to become physically literate. The ABCs of long-term athletic development are Agility, Balance, Speed and Coordination, which will give your child an advantage over the other kids. 

Watch your language 

As a sporting parent, you must watch what you say as it is important to build your child’s self-belief during the formative years in sports. Simply asking “why” the performance was not good will hurt a child’s self-image and belief. Focus on the positives and say something like, “I really enjoyed watching you play”. This will also go a long way in building a love for sport. 

Choose a mentor over an instructor 

Most young sportsmen don’t need instruction. They need mentorship, so when choosing a coach for your child, look for qualities that tell you that the person will inspire and motivate your child to be the best they can be.

TSG guides players who want to be the best in a world where excellence is paramount. With its years of expertise, state-of-the-art facilities, all-round approach to training, and personalized coaching, the academy prides itself on creating great individuals first because we know that the golf will then just flow. 

We have a question for every young golfer’s parents. “What is the most important quality you would want to build in the young budding sportsman that is your child?”

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